2019 Wall Calendar Images

Here are the images I am using for my 2019 Wall Calendars:

Autumn Leaves: Pentax 645D Macro
Pyramid Mountain Jasper National Park: Pentax 645D Landscape
Prairie Grain Elevator Sunset:
Pentax 645D Landscape
Alberta Badlands Canyon Storm:
Pentax 645D Landscape

Thanks for reading.

Shaun Merrigan

Site Updated to HTTPS

I have completed the update of this site to HTTPS. Enjoy!

Update: Having a few hiccups after updating to HTTPS. The public facing site became unreachable after a day or so, while the backend was working fine. GreenGeeks support suggested that my Cloudflare configuration was the culprit and recommended a couple of changes to the configuration.

It looks like this was the case, because the site is now reachable again after making the suggested tweaks to Cloudflare. Another issue arose with some pages not loading/working I had to manually edit the code to point to the correct https source which fixed that problem .

Also this prompted me to get rid of a fragment of Adobe Flash code that was still running on the site (a good thing) but served no useful purpose.

As EDI said: “It was not a seamless transition….”